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Try OderJini for free - to its fullest potential. Every feature and option is enabled like in the paid version. So you can test the App to the fullest and see OrderJini prove itself as the game changer, that it is.

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With various payment options, you only pay for what you use. You can upgrade your plan as your Business grows.

Our Apps and Servers are designed to scale seamelessly from a handfull to a million users.

Even works offline

All important functionality to conduct normal business is retained even when the phone goes offline. The app syncs data automatically when the internet connection is restored.

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Our Flagship Product OrderJini is Built for Speed and Performance

Our Solution Suite caters to various business needs and processes.Created with a focus on scalability

Pay only for what you use

Payment options vary from beginner to enterprise

Available off the shelf – our solutions can also be customized to conform to your specific requirements